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About Us

Wheatbelt Natural Resource Management Incorporated (Wheatbelt NRM) is an independent community-based organisation involved with natural resource management (NRM) endeavours within the Avon River Basin. The organisation operates from its Northam office, Western Australia, and exists as the second largest of the seven NRM regional organisations in the state, with responsibility for the 12,000,000 hectares of the Avon River basin.

Wheatbelt NRM has a team of about 15 staff that work delivering projects in partnership with the community. Our team includes NRM and communications professionals as well as a support group with strengths in administration, finance and governance. Project management is a core strength of the organisation, with over half of the staff having formal project management qualifications.

The Wheatbelt NRM Inc succinct strategy statement for 2018-21 is:

Deliver a program of works designed to get the community of the Wheatbelt active in improving their environment, now and into the future.

The Wheatbelt NRM Incorporated vision is:

A vibrant Wheatbelt community creating healthy environments and livelihoods.

This vision is supported by Wheatbelt NRM Inc’s mission to:

1.  be a leader in NRM through strong governance, a dedicated team and investment in the Regional NRM Strategy;
2.  build partnerships to deliver the vision;
3.  advocate for NRM and the Wheatbelt to national, state and local government;
4.  identify and support innovative and beneficial research;
5.  promote and coordinate improvements in environmental, cultural, social and industrial practices beneficial to NRM;
6.  engage with Aboriginal people and assist with the incorporation of their culture and beliefs within the Wheatbelt;
7.  build capacity within the community to create healthy environments and livelihoods; and
8.  advocate for the Regional NRM Strategy to be part of our partners work. 

How the community influences us
23rd March 2018
3 Year Plan 2018-2021
26th September 2018