NRM Regional Strategy

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Future strategic investment, into natural resource management (NRM) within the Avon River basin, is essential to assist the community in achieving its objectives for maintaining the health and prosperity of the natural environment. The Wheatbelt Regional NRM Strategy guides NRM investment priorities within the region. The regional community provided important guidance to the development of the strategy, which reflects their values and understanding of the environment they live in and know.

The Regional NRM Strategy identifies areas where investment is likely to have the most significant and long-lasting influence in achieving NRM outcomes.

In achieving this objective, the strategy:

  • Reflects community views
  • Integrates current scientific knowledge
  • Describes system elements (stressors, land management and resource impacts)
  • Defines resource condition where possible
  • Identifies pressure points and gaps
  • Defines an appropriate response.

If you would like to provide feedback or contact us about the strategy please visit the website below:

NRM Strategy November 2014 Web.pdf10th November 2014
System Analysis of the ARB - Summary10th September 2014
Adaptive Management7th March 2014
Resilience7th March 2014
Regional Conceptual Model7th March 2014
Stressors LMP & Thresholds7th March 2014
Brief History of the ARB7th March 2014
Sub Regions7th March 2014
Acid Soils7th March 2014
Avon River7th March 2014
Biodiversity7th March 2014
Climate Change7th March 2014
Ecosystem Services7th March 2014
Lakes7th March 2014
Landscape Water7th March 2014
Population & Social Services7th March 2014
Sustainable Agriculture7th March 2014
Case Study - Kwongan senescence7th March 2014
References7th March 2014
Glossary7th March 2014
Goals and Objectives.pdf7th March 2014