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Logo and Acknowledgement Guidelines

All projects funded in full or part by Wheatbelt Natural Resource Management (Wheatbelt NRM) must acknowledge Wheatbelt NRM in all promotional activities by using the Wheatbelt NRM logo (bottom of page).

When developing communication materials all projects funded in full or part by the Wheatbelt NRM should acknowledge Wheatbelt NRM in the body copy and use the Wheatbelt NRM logo.

The general format for body text acknowledgement is as follows:

“This activity/ project/ organisation….

  • received funding from Wheatbelt NRM.”
  • was jointly funded by Wheatbelt NRM and…”
  • received funding from …. and Wheatbelt NRM.”
  • is supported by financial assistance from Wheatbelt NRM.”
  • is supported by funding from Wheatbelt NRM under the National Landcare Program.”

The general rules for depiction of the Wheatbelt NRM logo are as follows:

  • It should be an accurate reproduction. Logos must not be digitally altered, adapted or changed in any way and must maintain the original colours and proportions.
  • It should be placed in a position of prominence.
  • It should be a true reproduction of the approved Wheatbelt NRM logo, without the addition of any other words or devices, nor should it be incorporated into any other logo.
  • When the WNRM logo is used with another logo, both logos should be scaled to the same visual weight and the separation distance should be at least double the exclusion zone

Exclusion Zone:

National Landcare Program

Please refer to the National Landcare Program Funding Acknowledgement Guidelines when using the National Landcare Program logo.

If you have any questions regarding recognition of Wheatbelt NRM or use of the Wheatbelt NRM logo please contact:


Reid Smith


23rd March 2018
23rd March 2018
23rd March 2018