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What is NRM?

Natural Resource Management (NRM) is the sustainable management of Australia’s natural resources (our land, water, marine and biological systems). NRM is vital to ensure our ongoing social, economic and environmental wellbeing.

More than just planting trees…

Our natural resources are everywhere. They are in our bush, along our rivers, on our farms and in our towns. In essence, our natural resources are our water, soil, plants and animals. Importantly, people are a resource too – our farmers, our landowners and our rural and urban communities. Natural resource management is about taking care of these natural resources, with a particular focus on how the management affects the quality of life for both present and future generations. Building strong, vibrant and resilient communities is one of the aims encompassed by Natural Resource Management and recognises that we need sustainable profitable farms for these communities to continue, especially in rural areas such as the Wheatbelt.