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Wheatbelt Conference Brings Together International and Local Expertise to Solve Soil Health Issues

The Talkin’ Soil Health conference coming to York in March will provide attendees with the opportunity to hear from internationally renowned soil health expert Joel Williams. Joel will be addressing the topic “Building natural capital in agricultural soils.” What is it? How do you do it, and why would you bother?

The conference aims to bring together the agricultural community to share success stories on how the big issues facing farmers today can be tackled.

Soil health is a major problem for the WA farming community. Soil acidity, declining soil biology and increased issues with chemical use is putting pressure on our farmers as they try to maintain yield.

The ongoing impact of our changing climate is also reducing the growing season and declining rainfall means feeding stock is a year round job.

But WA farmers are leading the nation in how they introduce innovative ways to succeed in the face of these challenges, and Talkin’ Soil Health has some of the best sharing their stories.

Buntine farmer Stuart McAlpine, Rob Grylls from Gabbin, Tambelup farmer Wendy Bradshaw and regenerative farming pioneer Nick Kelly will take the stage.

Summer cropping, disc seeders and stripper headers and composting are some of the practices we will see.

According to Hollands Track farmer Nick Kelly he “started to investigate a better way of doing things and changing our practices, because I was sick of doing the same things over and over and not seeing the results I wanted.”

With field days either side of the main conference there will be plenty of opportunities to see these innovations in practice and hear from the farmers mouth how they are protecting their farms from the difficult environment.

And thanks to the support of the State NRM Program the cost of this conference is way below what you would expect to pay for such as program.

Talkin’ Soil Health 2020 is proudly presented by Wheatbelt NRM.

Tickets are on sale now. See for details.

 Media contact: Felicity Gilbert, Wheatbelt NRM, Ph: 0436 472 910