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A Lifetime of Learning Revealed at Talkin’ Soil Health

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Sustainable Industries

For Emerita Professor and inaugural General Jeffery Soil Health Award winner, Lyn Abbott, her story is one of a road least travelled. Lyn chose to investigate ‘soil health’ when it wasn’t even on the scientific radar, well certainly not in agriculture at least.

Lyn has spent a lifetime uncovering the secrets of the third element of soil fertility – biological fertility. As a researcher and educator, Lyn has sought to understand the complexity of how soil chemical and physical properties influence its living community, especially in the context of improving soil conditions and supporting plant growth.

Next week will be the launch of Lyn’s SOILHEALTH app that includes animated videos on key principles of soil health, an eBook and podcasts. The book Lyn has been writing; ‘Soil Biological Fertility and Climate Resilience’ will also be released later this year.

At Talkin’ Soil Health in York on 11 August 2022, Lyn will share her story and the key light bulb moments along her incredible journey.

This project is supported by FRRR, through funding from the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund & National Landcare Program.

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