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Do You Know Your Soil Acidity?

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Sustainable Agriculture

The Avon Catchment Council’s Soil Acidity Project is an opportunity for farmers to assess the effectiveness of applying lime to their soil to counteract the damaging effects of soil acidity.

The project provides a subsidy to enable farmers to have the subsurface soil pH measured when they have a surface test done. The more comprehensive soil acidity measurement down the profile allows a better liming recommendation to be developed.

A limited number of tests are available, contact Precision SoilTech if you would like to have your soil pH measured. The project will also identify the benefits of treating soil acidity through lime application to improve pasture and crop growth and the overall profitability of agriculture and provide recommendations to the most suitable methods of managing soil acidity.

If you would like to find out more about how soil acidity affects agricultural production or how it can be treated, contact the project delivery organisations Department of Agriculture WA Northam on 9690 2000 or Precision Soiltech on 1800 644 951.