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Farms on Path to Restoration after Destructive Fires

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Sustainable Agriculture

Seven farms are on the path to restoration after the destructive fires of February 2022 in the Shires of Bruce Rock and Corrigin. 

The bushfires were devastating for all, and have had a huge impact on years of landcare restoration, destroying revegetation projects, fencing of remnant vegetation and wildlife habitat.

Cindy Stevens, NRMO from Corrigin Farm Improvement Group said, “One of the most significant losses felt by farmers in the 2022 fires, was the loss of both remnant and planted vegetation. Vegetation on farms not only holds economic benefits around soil health and fodder and shelter for livestock but it is the biodiversity in a farming landscape, the significant landmarks and intergenerational landcare. Having grants and support to help restore remnant vegetation with fencing, and revegetation will accelerate landscape recovery on fire-affected farms. As you can imagine the list of recovery work after a fire is overwhelming and some jobs like fencing vegetation and tree planting can be pushed to the back burner.  These grants helped prioritise landscape recovery, and I think got farmers thinking about future needs and actions around restoring the farming landscape. I hope this will be the impetus for continuing interest and future work around restoration of the farming landscape in this area.”

The seven projects take a holistic view of land restoration including fencing previous areas of remnants, biodiverse revegetation, feral animal management, and the construction and erection of nest boxes. The landholder implementing habitat augmentation is targeting ducks, owls, pardalotes and geckoes.

Property and site-specific biodiverse revegetation lists have been prepared for landholders engaging in revegetation activities, which will also assist future landscape restoration projects. Landholders are making plans for their improvements to occur in the autumn (site preparation) and winter (planting) of 2024.

“Pictured is Grevillea scapigera, an endangered plant which will hopefully benefit from the Bushfire Grant Round 2 activities.”

For further information contact Project Delivery Officer Jacquie Lucas on or 9670 3118.

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