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Carbon Farming opportunity: OPEN NOW! DPIRD’s Carbon for Farmers Voucher Program Round 2

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Sustainable Agriculture

Get your application in by 29 September 2023 to secure up to $15,000 voucher funding to prepare a carbon farming project plan for your farm.

Eligible farmers considering carbon farming projects can receive vouchers to develop a property-specific Carbon Farming Plan for soil and vegetation projects. This will support quality applications to future rounds of the WA’s Carbon Farming and Land Restoration Program and registration of the projects with the Clean Energy Regulator.

Applications close at 12:00pm Friday 29 September 2023.

The application process for a voucher is simple – just ask your chosen service provider(s) for a quote, select a quote you are happy with, go to the Smartygrants form, upload the quote (or quotes if requiring multiple types of advice),  and complete the details on the form.

Wheatbelt NRM can provide a quotation to coordinate the preparation of your plan, including preparation for project registration to generate Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs), eligibility discussions, ecological advice, spatial analysis, environmental plantings carbon sequestration estimates, and project cost and income estimations. A voucher can be split across more than one type of advice such as agronomic, legal or financial, as required for your specific project.

Contact Carla Swift, Business Development Manager or 0499 800 379 to learn how Wheatbelt NRM can work with you within the Carbon for Farmers Voucher Program.

Flyer - Carbon Farming Voucher Program 2023.pdf
8th September 2023