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From Little Things, Big Things Grow

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Healthy Environments

Last month, Beverley D.H.S students from Kindy to Year 10 participated in National Tree Planting Day. Miss Nixon worked in collaboration with Dimity Boggs who provided 200 native trees and shrubs for the occasion. In collaboration with the school’s gardener Kingsley Wilson, the natives that were planted on the day were chosen to encourage native wildlife into the school and when established provide an abundance of shade and colours that will brighten up the school grounds. 

“The students worked in groups, with younger students working in collaboration with senior students allowing for a supportive, inclusive environment where all students were able to be involved in the planting. During the planting we also discussed why it is so important to show respect for our school environment and what would be required for the continued care of our plants to ensure they flourish.” Tamara Nixon said

“Since planting, groups go out to water their plants each morning, an activity that particularly our high school students are really enjoying, whilst appreciating the cool mornings and getting in some essential daily movement before they head back to class.”  She said

“We would like to thank Dimity and the Wheatbelt NRM for making this event possible, it is greatly appreciated, and we can’t wait to see all of the plants in full bloom.”