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Funds to Help save Malleefowl in Wheatbelt

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The fight to save one of the Wheatbelt’s most iconic native species has been given a boost.

The Malleefowl Preservation Group is one of eight community groups in the Wheatbelt to share in nearly $40,000.

The funding has been sourced from Wheatbelt NRM and the WA government’s State NRM program.

The Malleefowl Preservation Group’s chief executive officer John DeJose said much work needed to be done to help preserve the species from extinction in WA.

“With this funding we’re looking to garner the support of the general public to help identify and monitor declining Malleefowl populations,” John DeJose said.

“As a small group we can’t go it alone, to conserve this species, we need the help of community volunteers.

“Unfortunately we think there is another wave of Malleefowl decline yet to come, linked to the fallout from land clearing.

“With the help of many people we can track populations of the bird and then begin to repair and protect their habitat.”

John DeJose said the money would be used to fund a public awareness campaign including a workshop for volunteers interested to help monitor Malleefowl, to be held in the Wheatbelt, before the birds begin laying their eggs in spring.

Other community groups to benefit from the Wheatbelt NRM funding included the Southern Brook Catchment Landcare Group and the Nyabing Farm Improvement Group.

Wheatbelt NRM’s Jacquie Lucas said the Nungarin Community Development Group would also use the funds to continue their work on a Heritage and Nature Trail.

“We’ve also funded the Agricultural Women Wheatbelt East Group, based in Merredin, to help them develop a website,” Jacquie Lucas said.

“This funding gives support to community groups often run by volunteers, who would otherwise struggle with the day to day running of their organisation.”

For more information on the Malleefowl Preservation Group log onto

To find out if you are eligible for any Wheatbelt NRM grants contact Jacquie Lucas on 9670 3100.