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Deadline Looms for Free Saltbush and Tree Seedlings

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Healthy Environments

Time is running out for farmers in the Avon River Basin to apply for free saltbush and tree seedlings.

The Avon Catchment Council is currently running two programs as an incentive to help farmers fight salinity.

The ACC’s newly appointed chair Glenice Batchelor says it’s an opportunity for landholders to reduce the cost of tree planting.

“The application process is simple and there’s plenty of support available with on-site visits to assist landholders plant the right species in the right place,” Glenice Batchelor said.

“Programs like these allow farmers to work towards making their land more productive.

“The ACC has already helped landholders plant more than four million seedlings in the Avon River Basin through similar incentive schemes, which is quite an achievement.”

Farmers wanting to plant swamp sheoaks, brushwood, oil mallees or sandalwood hosts need to have their expression of interest forms in by Monday 24th November 2008.

Farmers wanting to establish saline pastures have until Friday 28th November 2008.

A site visit is required as part of the assessment process to provide advice and ensure the best possible results.

This Avon Catchment Council project is delivered in partnership with the Saltland Pastures Association, AVONGRO and Forestry Products Commission with funding by the Australian Government and the Government of Western Australia.