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Cape Tulip and Feral Cats in Avon’s Top 10 Environmental Pests

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Healthy Environments
The Top 10 environmental pests in the Avon region, including Cape Tulip, Feral Cats, and European Rabbits, have been determined, as a result of nominations from the Avon community.

The Avon Catchment Council project currently being delivered by GHD, enabled the community to nominate the most significant environmental pests in their region.

Avon Community members were asked to nominate pests believed to be having a detrimental affect on the environment that are not adequately addressed through current eradication or pest control programs.

Community members and NGO’s nominated 66 species and these were reviewed by a Technical Advisory Group to determine whether the species met the nomination criteria.

Using a predetermined scoring system the pests were prioritised and the top 10 environmental pests for the Avon were identified.

1. Cape Tulip
2. Feral Cat
3. European Rabbits
4. Feral Honey Bees
5. European Red Fox
6. Gambusia species (mosquito fish)
7. Wild Oats
8. Wild Radish
9. Patterson’s Curse
10. Bridal Creeper

ACC Project Manager Jason Haydock said “The nomination process allowed for significant community contribution to the top 10 environmental pests. At the conclusion of the prioritisation and selection process, the final list of the top 10 priority environmental pests was unanimous.“

This information will be used to develop pest management plans for several Shires in the region. Workshops will be held over the next few months to work more closely with community members in establishing appropriate management plans for pest eradication.

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