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A Year in Review

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Aboriginal NRM

We kicked off January 2022 with the new Aboriginal NRM Action plan, Koort Boodjar Mia Boodjar (my Heartland my Homeland), and Steph, the new Project Coordinator, started with the team. 



The Shire of Northam continued to employ the Noongar Boodja Rangers this year with the maintenance of the Northam Cemetery. This contract provides a regular 3 days a week with up to 4 rangers a day. It’s a great training ground for new rangers just getting into work and provides regular income for the Ranger team throughout the year. In 2022 they spent more than 1400 Hours Maintaining the Northam Cemetery; hard work that they should be very proud of.

The Team continued to collect seeds throughout the warmer months and can be seen here collecting seed for their Client, Outback Carbon in Koorda.


The team created a video that could be shared nationally about their seed collection business, while some of them were nervous (it takes a lot of courage to stand behind a camera and speak so well), the video was a huge success.


The team assisted in a ReVeg planting for Carbon Positive, preparing and planting at Aldersyde. The total planting area is approximately 33 hectares and is a Biodiverse Sandalwood Project.

CEO Karl O’Callaghan and Jermaine Davis answered questions at the Future Drought Fund Science to Practice forum, live to hundreds of people from all over Australia about the Noongar Boodja Rangers and the work we have been doing.

Winter is a great time to get the seedlings in the ground for the Healthy Environments and Sustainable Industries revegetation projects, including spending a couple of weeks in Coorow / Moora. Other cross-team project work included looking for Malleefowl mounds in Wyalkatchem and soil sampling with the Sustainable Industries team. 

Our team hit the road and drove to Dumbleyung to interview local elders about drought and the effects it has on them. This was included in the Southern Wheatbelt Drought Resilience plan along with the interviews conducted at the April Elders Meeting in Northam. All the interviews conducted with the Elders meeting can be found on the WNRM YouTube Channel and thank you again for your contribution to the Southern Wheatbelt Drought Resilience Plan.

 Spring Training Days in September gave the team a chance to invite new rangers out onto country to learn about scouting and identifying plants in the field.


Seed collection with Carbon Positive. Combining all our seed collection projects, over 40 bags this size have been collected this year!

The team took centre stage to talk about the Noongar Budjar Ranger Team at the State NRM conference in Mandurah.

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Published eNews #375, December 2022