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Warralakin Planting for Carbon Positive

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Aboriginal NRM

The 185 hectare block next to the Chiddarcooping Nature Reserve in the Shire of Westonia, is owned by the not for profit conservation group Bush Block Guardians (BBG).  The ecosystem restoration project is being undertaken by Carbon Positive Australia working with the Wheatbelt NRM’s Noongar Boodja Aboriginal Rangers on the ongoing project.

 The WNRM team was led in the field by Jermaine ‘Bomber’ Davis, a Noongar man from Northam, who has been responsible for leading the Ranger team for the past 5 years with additional support provided by Judd Stead, a Noongar man from Wyalkatchem who has qualifications in Conservation and Land Management and great knowledge of the flora of the Wheatbelt.  A team of 7 in total including 5 rangers and our 2 senior staff members have just completed this phase of the project.

 Wheatbelt NRM are currently delivering over $3 million per year in environmental conservation projects for clients such as Carbon Positive Australia, the Australian and WA Government. 

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Published eNews 381, July 2023.