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Ranger's Work Restores Country

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Aboriginal NRM

Our Noongar Boodja Rangers recently returned to Aldersyde, near Brookton, for the ‘Biodiverse Sandalwood Project’. Traditionally, sandalwood plantations consist of host trees (typically Acacia acuminata aka ‘jam wattle’) and sandalwood (Santalum spicatum) only but this project is trialling a new method where host trees are planted as usual but also adds a range of other native species to the mix to increase biodiversity and longevity of the restoration.

To date, the Rangers have planted approximately 28,000 seedlings (12 different species) and 150kg of seed (including sandalwood). The property, where the plantings have taken place, is family owned and was previously used for livestock and cropping.

Our Ranger team is very happy with this continuing relationship with Carbon Positive. This is the fourth year we have helped them with this site and the team enjoys returning to see how their work is healing Country and increasing the vegetation cover, providing not just carbon credits but habitat and connectivity in the landscape.

For more information visit Carbon Positive Australia here

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