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New Partnership Ticks All The Boxes

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Aboriginal NRM

This is the kind of project that really excites us. We are currently working alongside one of our members with a shared vision for natural resource management – all while supporting our Noongar Boodjar Rangers.

In an exciting new partnership, the Rangers have been working with member, Outback Carbon, to collect 169 kilograms of native seed from the Mount Marshall and Koorda shires. The end product will support important carbon plantings in the North East Wheatbelt location of Mollerin.

Outback Carbon are not only a great supporter of ours but are also strong proponents of using traditional knowledge in the management of agricultural and rangeland processes. The joint project is expected to deliver enough seed for 1500 ha of native carbon plantings.

With a team led by Project Officer, Judd Stead, the team are collecting 38 endemic plant species such as Casuarinaceae, Fabaceae and Myrtaceae.

Judd says, “This has been a great opportunity for the Rangers to work alongside a partner that aligns with our own values.”

“The team really love putting their skills to use in this area, collecting native seed that will one day be used to heal Country. This is a really exciting project for us all.”

The commercial contract with Outback Carbon is using the seed collection enterprise to its full capacity. The Noongar Boodjar Rangers are handling every aspect from seed collection, sorting, cleaning and eventually delivery of the finished product.

Outback Carbon are keen to continue their partnership with the Noongar Boodjar Rangers however more land is needed for future projects throughout the Central Wheatbelt.

Our Rangers are a skilled workforce specialising in Wheatbelt natural resource management and are available for a wide range of projects. Contact Us to find out more and to see if they can assist in your next project.

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