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New 5 Year Aboriginal NRM Action Plan Revealed

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Aboriginal NRM

We are kicking off 2022 with a renewed focus in Aboriginal NRM. Last year our Noongar Elders Advisory Group undertook the enormous task of reviewing the five year strategic plan, reconfirming future priorities and developing a roadmap to help them achieve their vision. We are proud to share the 2021 – 2026 Aboriginal NRM Action Plan – Koort Boodjar – Mia Boodjar (My Heartland – My Homeland).

The document starts with the vision of “All people to respect and understand Noongar culture and, from there, to have a greater attachment to Boodjar (Country). To work in partnership to create a positive, sustainable future for all.”

The 2021-2026 plan has five action areas:

1.       Recording traditional Kaatdijin (knowledge) for NRM

Traditional kaatdijin is recorded for future generations and is shared with the whole community, growing the celebration of Noongar culture.

2.       Use of Noongar language

Sharing of Noongar language and stories deepens the respect for Noongar culture and spirituality while creating a greater awareness of the traditional and contemporary history of the area.

3.       Access to significant sites

Appropriate access to significant sites enables Noongar people to reconnect spiritually to sites of cultural significance and delivers successful action to heal Boodjar.

4.       Economic opportunities in NRM

The creation of economic opportunities in natural resource management for Noongar people is gaining momentum. Provide opportunities for developing Aboriginal livelihoods through work on Country.

5.       Meaningful discussion

Effective management for improved environmental health depends on mutual understanding of its environmental, scientific and cultural uses as seen from a range of perspectives and based on mutual trust and respect.

Aboriginal NRM Project Officer, Jermaine Davis, says, “It’s great to start the year with a fresh focus in Aboriginal NRM. It has been an opportunity to see where we’ve been and set our priorities for the future.”

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