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More Noongar Boodja Rangers join our Team!

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Aboriginal NRM

Recently our Noongar Boodja Rangers team trained some new rangers on how to identify and record flora.

The training was held at a reserve in Kokeby, where they learnt how to identify plants through the soil they're in, the shapes of their leaves, size of the plant and its fruit.

The Noongar Boodja Ranger Team are now working for a number of private clients around the Wheatbelt region. This has kept our Rangers busy identifying different plant species that clients have requested in specific Wheatbelt locations. The team, so far, have tagged 179 different locations, taking time to identify the genus and species of the plant, by referring to their plant ID resources.

Other important information is also being recorded, such as the number of plants in that specific location, what stage the seed development is at and in what season. This provides us with valuable information which will be used when planning future seed collections.

This information gathering and record keeping is vital to the team for future proofing the business in order to have a successful seed collecting season, which usually occurs over our summer months.

A big thank you to Rob Boase, an experienced Wheatbelt flora enthusiast, who assisted us  (and has on many days) with his knowledge and love of the area.

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