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Formal training builds confidence in skills

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Aboriginal NRM

Our Noongar Budjar Ranger Team has been working in the field over the last few months to develop their skills in collecting and processing native seeds for revegetation purposes.

Now they have tackled some classroom learning to turn on the job training into formal skills and knowledge.

This week they have been undertaking the Seed Collection Skills Set through TAFE as part of the WA Government’s Green Jobs program.

With units including Collect native seed, Extract seed and provide information on plants this training will give the team confidence to collect in the field.

Wheatbelt NRM’s Aboriginal Facilitator Jermaine Davis said “Our long term plan is for the Ranger program to run a seed collection enterprise, providing employment opportunities across the region for our community to work on country, healing the country. We now have 10 teams members trained up and ready to take the next step. It’s an exciting future.”

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