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Planning for Climate Change
Sustainable Agriculture

This project developed a spatial planning system for climate change and carbon investment in the Wheatbelt. Through its Regional NRM Strategy, Wheatbelt NRM had set out investment priorities in the Avon River Basin. Using spatial analysis, this project identified onground actions under the strategy with the highest benefits for landscape and community resilience. Actions include carbon planting, wildlife corridors, biodiversity conservation and other NRM activities.


  • Provided access to relevant spatial data
  • Provided stakeholder engagement
  • Developed an Integrated Spatial Decision Support System
  • Developed an adaptive planning process
  • Produced a web portal for Avon River Basin NRM planning for climate change
  • Developed an extension program
  • Encouraged collaboration between NRM regions
The Climate Change project aimed to produce decision-making tools to support Landcare, grower and community groups in planning for climate change in the Wheatbelt.
Delivery Organisation
Wheatbelt NRM

Dr Dimity Boggs

GIS Officer

Phone: (08) 9670 3100