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Creating Connections
Sustainable Agriculture

This project worked in partnership with several organisations to develop an extension program supporting decision-making for revegetation projects.  The project worked directly with individual landholders to develop agroforestry management plans, helping them include revegetation and conservation activities on their farms. This created options for farmers to combine revegetation for improved productivity with biodiversity plantings to connect and provide habitat.

  • Developed the Agroforestry Options for the Wheatbelt guide. It covers the key forms of, and species used in, agroforestry in the Wheatbelt. The guide includes information, tips and tricks to successfully introduce agroforestry into your farm.
  • Developed the Seedling Selector smart phone application (Android and iPhone), which helps you select the right species for a particular purpose (e.g. forage, timber, carbon sequestration, or other agroforestry products like brushwood and sandalwood).
  • Prepared step-by-step management plans to guide farmers through the planning, implementation and management of the following agroforestry options:
    - Forage shrubs
    - Sandalwood
    - Oil mallee
    - Brushwood
    - Biodiversity plantings
  • Ran workshops and training opportunities for the community to encourage them to use/the use of strategic agroforestry plantings for biodiversity conservation.
The Creating Connections Project ran between October 2011 and June 2013 in the south-eastern Wheatbelt. This project worked with farmers to help them plan revegetation activities on their farms in the Avon Wheatbelt IBRA region.
Delivery Organisation
Wheatbelt NRM, Doghouse Media

Felicity Gilbert

Program Manager – Sustainable Industries

Phone: (08) 9670 3112