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Noongar Budjar Rangers
Aboriginal NRM

The Noongar Boodjar Rangers was established in 2014 to provide members of the aboriginal community with ongoing work on Country. It was a priority for the Noongar Elders Advisory Group that young aboriginal people remain in the local community, close to family and with a connection to Boodjar (Country). Often a lack of local employment and job-ready skills made that difficult.

Since then, the enterprise has evolved to provide an agile and highly skilled workforce that undertakes a wide range of work across the region. The Rangers have worked on natural resource management projects with local governments, community groups and corporate businesses. Some of their key projects include:

  • Parkland restoration and ongoing maintenance of Burlong Pool in Northam;

  • Contract to maintain Northam Cemetary on behalf of the Shire of Northam;
  • Native seed collection and planting for a revegetation project at Edna May minesite, near Westonia;
  • Multiple site preparation and revegetation planting projects throughout the Wheatebelt.

A burgeoning native seed collection enterprise is seeing the Noongar Boodjar Rangers skills and capacity increase. With ancient knowledge, specialist equipment and expert training, the Rangers are uniquely equipped to provide a revegetation service that encompasses the whole process from collection through to cleaning, delivery and planting.

The Noongar Boodjar Rangers are a skilled workforce specialising in Wheatbelt natural resource management and are available for a wide range of projects. Contact us to find out more and to see if they can assist in your next project.

Overview of Progress: April to June 2019
20th August 2019
Established in 2014 as a pathway to ongoing employment options, the Rangers have evolved to become a highly skilled, highly agile local workforce, specialising in Wheatbelt natural resource management work.

Jermaine Davis
Project Delivery Officer - Aboriginal NRM
Telephone: 9670 3116