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Join the Hotspot Heroes
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Welcome to the Hotspot Heroes! Captain Numbat is thrilled to have you on the team that is protecting the rare and endangered plants and animals of the Wheatbelt.

Hotspot Heroes is a whole lot of fun but there is a serious side. There is a pledge to be a superhero in preserving Wheatbelt biodiversity.

The Hotspot Hero Superhero Pledge

  • I am a Hotspot Hero. I am a defender of biodiversity in the Western Australian Wheatbelt.
  • I will take small actions and changes at home and in my community to make a big difference to the health of the environment.
  • I will tell the people around me how lucky we are to have so many unique plants and animals that must be protected.
  • I will do my best to join in the free Hotspot Hero training days during the school holidays (knowing that I will learn something interesting while having heaps of fun!).
  • I will take up the top-secret biodiversity mission when Captain Numbat sends out the call.
  • I have asked my parent, guardian or carer if it is ok to join Hotspot Heroes. 

Still up for the challenge? Then complete your details below and let’s get you on the team!

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