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Spider found in the Wheatbelt makes top 10 list

Davis and Cornish











A new species of spider found in the Wheatbelt has been named by National Geographic’s editor as one of the ten weirdest life-forms of 2011. John Cornish from Grass Valley noticed the unusual white headed spider in his backyard last July. “It’s quite incredible that by chance I found something unique” said John. He is thrilled by the news that the spider is again in the spotlight and that it has made it to the top ten list. The “Albino” trapdoor spider has been named along with a Cyclops shark, a Glam Rock Chameleon and seven other species that were discovered last year. Helping to identify the spider was Wheatbelt NRM’s Mick Davis. “It’s pretty astounding that a local person can have an impact on an international stage just by being observant and knowing what to do when they find something unusual” spider expert Mick said. The venomous yet not dangerous arachnid from the Idiopidae family is yet to have a female of the species discovered. “This spider has been nicknamed the ‘Albino’ trapdoor spider, and is about the size of a 50 cent piece,” Mick says ‘If people do find something unusual we’d love for them to contact us at Wheatbelt NRM’ The spider is the only creature from Australia on the list. A link to the National Geographic’s ten weirdest life- forms can be found on Wheatbelt NRM’s website at Media Contact: Mick Davis, Wheatbelt NRM, Northam 0428 969 096 or 9690 2250.