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Soil Health & Nutrient Use Efficiency
Sustainable Agriculture

This project will help farmers increase their skills and knowledge to improve nutrient management by using on innovative agricultural solutions that enhance our natural resources. We are developing sites throughout the Avon River Basin to demonstrate soil monitoring, management and nutrient planning practices/techniques. These demonstration sites will support the farm practice change model by creating focus points and opportunities for sharing community and industry experiences in best-practice nutrient management.
Ongoing funding rounds up to $2000 are available for farmers to use new practices that improve soil quality. Demonstration sites will be selected through expressions of interest and will demonstrate best-practice nutrient management and/or soil testing practices through:

Improved decision-making from soil testing

  • farmers privately funding standard soil tests will receive support to examine their current test results and to showcase innovation in soil testing practices by completing ‘non-standard’ tests of soil health parameters   

Demonstrating nutrient management practice

  • farmers privately funding innovative, best-practice management techniques will receive support to test for impacts of these practices on soil health

An extension program will build understanding of how soil health (e.g. soil pH, compaction, salinity, toxicity, pests and diseases) can limit production. This program will encourage farmers neighbouring the demonstration sites to prioritise soil health and nutrient management on their properties. Training will include using decision support tools and technological advances  to help landholders manage nutrients better and interpret their own soil testing results. 
The project will involve:

  • Encourage landholders to adopt sustainable practices in their everyday farming systems
  • Increase the overall land area of the Avon River Basin managed using sustainable nutrient management practices
  • Through promotion of the projects outcomes increase the numbers of individuals influenced by the initiative
  • Help regional land managers improve their knowledge and skills in sustainable nutrient management


This project aims to assist farmers with adopting sustainable farming practices that enhance soil health without compromising yield.

Felicity Gilbert

Program Manager – Sustainable Industries

Phone: (08) 9670 3112

Mobile: 0436 472 910