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Saltwatch Promo

Community and school groups are invited to participate in a Ribbons of Blue/Waterwatch WA’s Saltwatch event for 2006.
The Saltwatch program enables community group members and school groups to learn about the effects of salinity on water quality by being actively involved in monitoring conductivity in their local catchment. The program is designed to raise community awareness about salinity issues in Western Australia. Water quality results collected in the two weeks of monitoring, will be compiled to provide a ‘snapshot’ indication of salinity across the State.
The Saltwatch program is a part of the Avon Catchment Council’s Healthy Ecosystems project and is funded by the State and Australian Government through the National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality.
Participating in Saltwatch involves collecting a water sample from a major waterway in your catchment and testing it with an electrical conductivity meter to determine salt content. To be involved, please register with your Ribbons of Blue Regional Coordinator.
Registrations close on Friday 19th May 2006.
For further information or to obtain a registration form for the Saltwatch event please contact your Avon Ribbons of Blue Regional Coordinator, Rebekah Esszig on 9690 2624 or email