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Red Card strikes in Kellerberrin

Kellerberrin RCRF Trophy

Kellerberrin Winning team















A team of landholders from north Kellerberrin has claimed victory in a local feral pest hunt. The Red Card for the Red Fox program aims to coordinate community action for better control of feral foxes, cats and rabbits, and has been underway across the central Wheatbelt during March and April. The shoot, organised by the Kellerberrin Shire, was held in March and April, over two weekends. Wheatbelt NRM sponsored the Highest Points Trophy and the community BBQ as part of the Caring for Our Country Program. Wheatbelt NRM’s Regional Landcare Facilitator Mick Davis said eight teams competed from around Kellerberrin district. “Because of the combined effort, 328 foxes were culled along with 22 cats and 72 rabbits,” Mick Davis said. The winning team was North Kellerberrin, made up of Andrew Cox (North Kellerberrin), Brian Wilkins (Doodlakine), Bryce Wilkins (North Kellerberrin) and Ben Chandler (South Doodlakine), who tallied 61 foxes and four cats. “These events are a more effective way of controlling feral animals,” Mick Davis said. Landholder Ben Chandler from south Doodlakine, who was part of the winning team, said the event helped get more people involved. “It makes it easy, usually if you go out fox shooting it’s only a couple of hours by yourself,” Ben Chandler said. “But when you have an event like the Red Card program, it gives you a motivation to all get together. “Otherwise you would never get together and shoot so many foxes.”