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Priority Landscapes to be Protected in the Wheatbelt

20 March 2007

The Avon Catchment Council (ACC) today announced twelve landscapes (Ecoscapes) in the WA wheatbelt identified as priority areas to conserve the biodiversity of the Avon River Basin. This work will become a focus of future investment for natural resource management in the region.

The ACC are working closely with Greening Australia WA and Department of Environment and Conservation in delivering this project with investment from the Western Australian and Australian Governments through the National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality and the Natural Heritage Trust.

Avon Catchment Council CEO Peter Sullivan said “This is a flagship project – seeking quality of life and a sense of place for the community, which is the combination of natural and agricultural environments”

“This project has received $6.5 million and represents nearly 20% of ACC’s financial commitment for natural resource management in the region. It will contribute to the long-term survival of our biodiversity assets across all tenures in the Avon”

“This is an integrated approach to environmental management, not normally conducted at such a large scale of up to 100 000ha.”

Twelve priority Ecoscapes have been identified through a strategic assessment process including Dunn Rock, Qualen, Wongan, Westonia, Welsh, Burracopin, Chinocup, Kondinin, Tutanning, Jilbadjie, Muchea, Beacon/Tampu, Lake Bryde and Tarin Rock

Four of these Ecoscapes, Qualen, Westonia, Wongan and Beacon/Tampu have been selected as priority for investment, community engagement and on ground activity in the next twelve months, building on the current activity already taking place in Lake Bryde and Tarin Rock.

A large focus of this activity will involve working with the communities to carry out environmental activities and initial engagement with the community is already underway.

Media Contact: Rochelle Pyle Avon Catchment Council ph: (08) 9690 2250