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New Avon Catchment Council Board Members Take Office

7 November 2006

Six Community Board Members have been elected to the Board of the Avon Catchment Council.

The Community Board Members represent agricultural communities from across the wheatbelt and will contribute to decision making and strategic planning for NRM projects and activities within the Avon region.

Wayne Clarke and Brian English have been elected to represent the Avon sub-region, Colin Nicholl and Ian Hall represent the Lockhart sub-region and Merrilyn Temby (Chairperson) and Pauline Guest (Deputy Chair) represent the Yilgarn sub-region.

All new members bring an extensive knowledge of agriculture and natural resource management to the Board. All lived in the region for many years and look forward to seeing continued improvement in the implementation of NRM related activities within the region.

Newly elected Chairperson Merrilyn Temby said she is very happy to be a part of a strong board and lead the ACC for the next year as Investment Plan projects continue to deliver on ground outcomes for the community.

CEO Peter Sullivan said “I look forward to working with the new Board over the next two years and continuing to improve the condition of the environment in the region.

Arthur Slater has been nominated by the Ballardong Working Group to continue on the ACC Board representing the Ballardong and Noongar Community in the Avon.

There are three Agency Members on the ACC Board, these are Ross Sheridan from Department of Water, Bruce Bone from Department of Environment & Conservation and Juana Roe from Department of Agriculture and Food WA. The Wheatbelt Development Commission representative is Andrew Prior.

To protect and manage the natural resources of the region and encourage sustainable agricultural use, the Avon Catchment Council have developed 15 projects under the themes of integrated water management, natural diversity and sustainable agriculture, to address the key threats affecting the Avon’s natural resources.

All Avon Catchment Council projects and activities are funded by the State and Australian Government through the National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality and the Natural Heritage Trust.

Media Contact:
Rochelle Pyle, Marketing and Communications Manager, Avon Catchment Council 9690 2250