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Millions of dollars targeted for Avon River basin

Friday, March 5th 2009
















More than $3.9 million of new funds will be spent on improving the environment and livelihoods of people living within the Avon River basin. The money has been allocated to the Avon Catchment Council through the Commonwealth government’s $2.25 billion Caring for our Country package. The ACC is the peak community based natural resource management group covering 12 million hectares of the Avon River basin. The chair Glenice Batchelor said the group would continue to work in partnership with the community and key stakeholders to ensure the money reaches important on-ground works. She said the funding was tied to key targets identified by the Commonwealth government. The $3,926,000 of new money is expected to be available after July 1, 2009 and will target reducing wind erosion, rabbit populations, weeds of national significance and identifying opportunities to protect national reserves. The funding also aims to encourage community engagement and participation with the environment as well as help record traditional knowledge. “Previous work has included incentive programs which have helped farmers’ plant more than 4 million trees in the Avon River basin over the last four years,” Glenice Batchelor said. Glenice Batchelor said the ACC was now working to ensure continued support from the State government. “I met with our local member and the Minister for Regional Development Brendan Grylls last week and asked for his support,” Glenice Batchelor said. “Given the situation globally and its impact on the budget it’s a big ask, but we need continued funding and support to address important issues for the Avon region such as salinity, waterways management and biodiversity.” Media contact: Glenice Batchelor, ACC chair 0428 371 221