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Malleefowl Network Support for Community Groups

11 July 2005

The Avon Catchment Council recently employed a state Malleefowl Network Facilitator to support the WA Malleefowl Network and encourage the delivery of malleefowl conservation initiatives.

Alice Rawlinson will coordinate the extensive network of community groups, conservation organisations, research groups and state agencies already working towards preserving the malleefowl.

Currently malleefowl research projects are being conducted by CSIRO and Postgraduate studies at Murdoch and Curtin Universities. There are a number of other organisations involved in engaging the community and regional groups and these representatives form the WA Mallefowl Network.

Ms Rawlinson’s role is essential in distributing information to the community and regional support groups to assist them in implementing the best methods of managing these birds. She will facilitate the distribution of information and support to community groups and support them in contributing to further research and preservation of this endangered species.

The malleefowl is an endangered species, regarded as ‘fauna that is rare or likely to become extinct in WA’. The remnant populations of this large ground dwelling bird occur in semi-arid to arid shrub lands and low woodlands.

This project is an initiative of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and funded through the Avon Catchment Council (ACC). However Ms Rawlinson will be working with other NRM Regional Groups such as NACC, SCRIPT and Rangelands, as the malleefowl habitat extends across each of these regions.

If you would like to know who to contact in your region to find out more about malleefowl, contact Alice Rawlinson on Ph (WWF): 9387 6444 or Ph (ACC): 9690 2250 or by email:

Media Contact: Rochelle Pyle
Avon Catchment Council
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