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Investment Ensured to Move Avon NRM Plans into Action

25 November 2005

The Avon Natural Resource Management (NRM) Strategy developed to manage land, water and biodiversity resources for the Avon River Basin has received Australian and State Government approval.

The strategy was launched by both governments today at a special event in Northam.

Official accreditation now ensures investment of $13.8 million for the current financial year from the National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality (NAP) and Natural Heritage Trust (NHT) programs, to carry out projects addressing the threat of salinity, water quality issues and threats to the natural diversity of our native vegetation, threatened species and communities.

The supporting document, the Avon Investment Plan (AIP) outlines projects essential for delivery of Strategy targets within the next 12 months.

The Strategy identifies salinity and water quality as two of the highest priority threats requiring management in the Avon River Basin. Investment from NAP from both Australian and State Governments will enable the 15 Investment Plan projects to be delivered on ground.

Avon Catchment Council (ACC) Chair Wayne Clarke said “the Strategy identifies realistic and achievable targets for natural resource management in the Avon River Basin for the next 20 years.”

“These targets have been developed into projects in the Investment Plan and will be delivered through three programs of integrated water management, sustainable industry and natural diversity. The projects for the first three years are those addressing the most significant threats to the natural resources of the Avon Region.”

In the Avon River Basin, investment from the Australian and State Governments through the NHT will address natural diversity management and biosecurity. This will enable delivery of projects identifying and managing priority landscapes and maintaining species of over 20 threatened species or communities.

“The Avon is internationally recognised for its high biodiversity value, in particular species richness and high level of species unique to this region” Wayne Clarke said.

The Strategy and Investment Plan are living documents developed by the ACC in partnership with agencies and organisations in the region and an extensive community consultation process.

As projects are developed and delivered on ground and targets achieved, the projects will be evaluated to ensure they achieve the specified targets. The Strategy will also be reassessed and modified to ensure it continues to target the most significant threats to NRM in the Avon River Basin.

For a copy of the Avon NRM Strategy or Avon Investment Plan or a summary of both documents, contact the Avon Catchment Council on (08) 9690 2250, email or see the website

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