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Healthy Country – Healthy People

2nd March 2007

Today is the celebration of a unique partnership between the Aboriginal community and the Avon Catchment Council, reflecting the common goal of seeing our land returned to its former beauty.

The Aboriginal community of the Avon region are celebrating a significant step towards healing the land and their people through the development of the Ballardong Noongar Budjar: Healthy Country – Healthy People released this morning.

Ballardong Noongar Budjar clearly outlines how the Aboriginal community of the Avon region will work in partnership with the Avon Catchment Council to take part in projects and activities that will lead to an improvement in the condition of the natural environment in the Avon region.

It is written by the Ballardong Working Group to encompass the values and aspirations of the Aboriginal community in the Avon Region.

Improving access to and condition of culturally significant sites, understanding and recording the sites, stories and language associated with the area will ensure that significant information is not lost. Committing to economic opportunities in NRM for Noongar people and allowing the opportunity for meaningful discussion relating to NRM issues will enable further development of activities to benefit the Aboriginal community and delivery of NRM in the region.

“Together we can achieve more than anyone before us. Our Country needs us to come together in harmony and in strength. The combined knowledge of the Sacred and the Science will enable a level of collaboration not experienced before in the field of natural resource management.” (Ballardong Noongar Budjar)

The development of the Ballardong Noongar Budgar has been possible due to investment from the Australian and Western Australian Government, through the National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality and the Natural Heritage Trust programs.

For a copy of the document contact the Avon Catchment Council office in Northam on (08) 9690 2250 or visit the ACC website

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