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Have your say, Identify the Top Environmental Pests in the Region

The Avon Catchment Council’s Priority Environmental Pests project has just released a Pest Nomination Form enabling community members, landholders and those living in the community to nominate the plant and animal pests that are impacting on priority environmental assets.

Anyone in the region is eligible to submit a form highlighting the most significant plant and animal pests in their part of the Avon region. This will enable the Project’s Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to determine the top 10 pests. Results of this survey will contribute to the development of appropriate pest management plans for the region.

This is an opportunity for all members of the community to have their say and make sure the pests that are affecting priority environmental assets in your local area are identified and appropriate steps are taken to develop methods of effectively managing them.

If you would like to contribute to this survey by identifying the most significant pests in your area, contact Joanne Lipinksi at GHD on (08) 6222 8707 or Jason Haydock at the Avon Catchment Council on (08) 9690 2250.