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Goomalling inspires Wheatbelt women

Women living in the Wheatbelt continue to remain an untapped resource in agriculture and small rural towns.

That was one of the key messages at the inaugural Wheatbelt Ladies Day held in Goomalling.

Nearly 60 people met for the luncheon, which was designed to inspire and celebrate women living in the region.

The event was hosted by natural resource management group Wheatbelt NRM and funded through the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme.

Wheatbelt NRM’s program manager for sustainable industries Felicity Gilbert said keynote speakers included Rural Woman of the Year Tanya Dupagne from Camp Kulin and leading female AFL coach Michelle Cowan.

“Today was about celebrating the fact women are playing a more public role in agriculture and also recognising the region has some incredible women who are achieving beyond the farm gate,” Felicity Gilbert said.

“But what we’re really hoping this day gives people, is the confidence to take on new roles whether it’s in agriculture or within communities.

“Tanya Dupagne is a case in point, where an individual has turned an underutilised facility into a successful centre helping under privileged children and providing an economic spin off to the local town.

“We also heard from Denise French, working in her own backyard around Mt Caroline, helping to protect the Black flanked rock wallaby through feral animal control.”

Felicity Gilbert said she’d like the Wheatbelt Ladies Day to become an annual event, celebrating the success of women in the region.