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Exciting new website showcases volunteer efforts

18 July 2007

An innovative website has just been launched featuring inspiring stories of thousands of volunteers across Australia working to manage land sustainably and conserve the environment.

The Mosaic Map website contains some 500 stories chosen by regional natural resource management organisations. It can be viewed on

The site showcases key projects which have been funded through the Australian Government’s $3.1 billion Natural Heritage Trust over the past decade, as well as through the Australian and State Government-funded $1.4 billion National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality (NAP).

Some 800,000 volunteers – one of the largest natural resource volunteer sectors in the world –have been mobilised through these programmes.

More than 27, 000 projects have been funded to restore, protect and manage our environment and to encourage sustainable agriculture. Mosaic contains summary information on all of these.

The stories are a testament to cooperative action by national, state and local government, regional organisations, community bodies, business and landholders working together for environmental, community and individual benefits.

Stories featured in the Avon region include Wallatin CDI, Living Landscapes, Woodland Watch and several individual farm projects funded through Envirofunds.

They reveal resilience, ingenuity and commitment in what are challenging times for the environment and for regional Australia. The projects focus on sustainable agriculture, water quality, controlling salinity, conserving biodiversity, protecting the coast, Indigenous communities caring for their heritage and community education.

The site is easy to navigate featuring a map of Australia showing natural resource management regions. For the first time users will be able to search for project information at regional, state or national level.

Mosaic will enable regions and individuals to share their experiences and the knowledge they have gained. It aims to help everyone involved in managing natural resources discover what is happening in their own and other regions, and to understand where their efforts fit in the big picture.

The site was developed by the Australian Government. The Government has committed to on-going support for the Trust and NAP and Mosaic will continue to grow and be updated.

Media Contact: Rochelle Pyle, Marketing and Communications Manager, Ph: 9690 2250