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Wagin Woodanilling Landcare Wingedyne Nature Reserve BioBlitz
Saturday 23rd September, 2017 - 12:00 pm
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Wagin Woody Landcare is calling for budding naturalists, would be David Attenborough’s, future scientists and all those with a passion for flora and fauna. They are excited to be presenting a Bio-blitz for the first time in the Wingedyne Nature Reserve in Woodanilling Shire.

A Bio-blitz is categorised as a 24 hour event involving rapid collection of data about the biological diversity of a particular site; enabling scientists and other experts to identify as many plant and animal species as can be found in this limited time frame. It doesn’t provide a complete inventory of species, but rather a ‘snapshot’ of the species that occur in the area. A Bio-blitz is a collaborative process, which brings together scientists, skilled amateurs, willing workers and interested ‘others’ , with members of the local community, all working together to expand knowledge about the biodiversity of a particular location.

This event will be held over 23 & 24 September, early Saturday afternoon through to Sunday afternoon with an option to camp on site and participate in night time activities such as nightstalk and nocturnal species surveying.

With the support of the State NRM Office WWLZ is engaging a range of scientist and experienced amateurs to come along and guide participants in surveying a chosen field which can include birds, insects, mammals, soils/flora and reptiles.  A Bio-blitz is a great opportunity to learn from experienced people and undertake activities that are unavailable to the general public such as fauna trapping.

Camping facilities will include toilets and main meals will be catered, participants will need to bring their own camping equipment and snacks for throughout the day.

This family friendly event is a fantastic opportunity to get some great hands on biological science experience and learn from experienced people.

For more information, contact Diana Blacklock at Wagin Woodanilling Landcare on 9861 2222 or  register at

28th March 2018
Wingedyne Nature Reserve