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Activate the Wheatbelt - Tree planting
Friday 03rd June, 2016 - 06:00 pm
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What to expect at the festival

At the event we will be hard at work planting trees during the day, with the motivation of a DJ to help us along. Then at night things really come to life with a diverse range of musical acts to listen and dance to. Organic vegetarian meals will be available for you while you enjoy the beautiful nature under the stars and keep warm by the bonfires. You have the option of camping in your own tent or under cover in the communal hall. You will be encouraged to have some great conversations, play some music if you’d like and make friends with like minded people.

This really is a community effort where everyone is included and part of the activate team. We like to encourage a hardworking and ethical community of people that support our environmental and societal causes.

Additionally at the events there will be tours of the area and information from an expert to tell us more about the endangered Malleefowl.

How to get there

We will be supplying a bus to get to Gabbin which is included in the ticket price.

We promote going by bus and not car if possible because this is better for the environment.

The address will be given out once tickets have been bought.



 $65 for adults            $55 for concession       $0 for children under 12yrs


This will be an annual event where we are hoping to continue growing our hard working and ethical thinking community of people to plant trees, protect our environment and the species that live in it. We also hope to encourage community and environmentally friendly thinking with an action orientated approach to connecting people who care and putting hands to work.

Last year we managed to plant over 17,000 trees

This year we have a goal of planting 25,000 trees

Also this year we aim to help protect the endangered bird the Malleefowl, which is under threat from predators and habitat loss.

How to support Activate the wheat belt

Of course we would love it if you could make it to both events but understand that it isn’t possible for everyone. However you can still support the cause by donating to our sponsors Avongro.

If you have any other ideas of how you could support us please send us an email at

All support and feedback is appreciated.

Who are we?

Activate is an organisation based in Perth. We work with communities and organisations in the metropolitan area and in the wheat belt to encourage involvement for the benefit of the environment and community.

This is an all age’s event where everyone is welcome to come and help out planting trees.

Gabbin WA 6476