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Avon Catchment Council working towards greater Aboriginal involvement in NRM

Wheatbelt Aboriginal communities in the Avon River Basin will have greater opportunities for input and involvement in NRM. The Avon Catchment Council (ACC) has recently appointed Michelle Winmar as Aboriginal NRM Facilitator for the region.

Michelle Winmar will work closely with Regional Indigenous NRM Support Officer Rod Garlett, and is looking forward to facilitating Noongar people’s views and aspirations in relation to NRM. She is from Brookton and has worked with Aboriginal communities and organisations for most of her career, working in Perth but also in the South West of WA.

ACC CEO Peter Sullivan said “The ACC are currently developing an Aboriginal NRM Supporting Document to the Avon NRM Strategy and Michelle and Rod will both be involved in finding out how the Aboriginal community would like to become more involved in managing our natural resources”.

The Supporting Document will identify the most appropriate method of involving the Aboriginal community in future NRM management. Rod and Michelle will also actively support the Ballardong NRM Working Group who advise the ACC on NRM issues affecting the Aboriginal Community.

Michelle is the ACC Aboriginal Facilitator for Envirofunds, which involves assisting local Elders in identifying and registering important cultural sites, working with local landcare groups to incorporate Aboriginal cultural issues and make recommendations to the Department of Indigenous Affairs and other land managers on the appropriate protection of these sites.

“Ms Winmar’s key role will include developing specific NRM projects with Aboriginal groups and communities, and helping Aboriginal communities get involved with these projects” said Peter Sullivan.

“She will also develop ways to incorporate cultural knowledge into NRM, through defining culturally appropriate protocols and guidelines on how this needs to occur.”

If you would like to meet Michelle, she will be travelling through the Avon Catchment over the next few weeks and would like to take this opportunity to catch up with local Aboriginal community members and Elders. Contact Michelle at the Avon Catchment Council office in Northam on 9690 2250.

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