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Avon Catchment Council Unique Opportunity: Call For Nominations - Community Board Members

7 June 2006

The Avon Catchment Council (ACC) is calling for nominations for Community Board Members.

Council has undertaken a structural review of the ACC board to better add value and strengthen governance within the organisation. To allow an equitable and transparent transfer to the new structure, the ACC has created a unique opportunity by declaring the six Community Board Member positions vacant for the 2006 elections.

The CEO of the ACC Peter Sullivan said “The board has successfully benchmarked its practices against the Australian Good Corporate Governance and Best Practice Recommendations and Standards Australia Good Governance Principles. “

“This has enabled the board to adopt a supportive framework for strategic decision making, risk management and the opportunity for significant achievement.”

The Avon Catchment Council is the peak community based organisation in the Avon River Basin providing leadership and coordination of natural resource management (NRM). Board members require an interest and knowledge of NRM in the region, strong community networks, good communication skills and a demonstrated ability to contribute to strategic decisions as a Community Board Member.

The six community board positions retain a sub-catchment basis with two community members each from the Avon, Yilgarn and Lockhart sub-catchments.

Council has also strengthened the “skills basis” for board membership. Nominations will be reviewed against the requirement set out in the application package. The existing practice of successful nominations being put to a vote by Local Governments and Land Care Conservation Districts in their respective sub-catchments is to continue.

Elected Community Board Members will commence their term at the Avon Catchment Council Annual General Meeting in October 2006.

The call for nominations for community board members is open from Monday 12 June 2006 for a 4 week period closing at 5.00pm Friday 7 July 2006. Application packages detailing the nomination process and requirements are available by contacting the Avon Catchment Council on 96902250.