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Australian Government Funding Opportunities for NRM

The Australian Government is offering up to $50 000 in Community Water Grants to provide support for community activities that promote wise water use. The Community Water Grant scheme targets projects involving on-ground activities that promote a culture of wise water use through water use efficiency, reuse or recycling and surface and groundwater health.
Eligible recipients of Community Water Grants include community groups, schools, rural organisations, local governments, sporting associations and non-government organisations.
Successful Community Water Grant projects include;
• Rainwater re-use and water saving devices at soccer and bowling clubs in Adelaide
• Rainwater harvesting projects to supply rainwater for oval watering and toilet flushing in many schools across the country.
• Establishing waterwise gardens in schools and community centres.
• Revegetation and rehabilitation activities along creek lines.

Envirofunds offer up to $ 50,000 to conserve biodiversity and promote sustainable resource use. Round 8 will be most likely opening in October, with a closing date of January 2006.
Envirofund projects include:
- remnant vegetation fencing
- nature conservation plantings and management
- protection of indigenous cultural heritage

The Avon Catchment Council are providing information on the funding opportunities currently available from the Australian Government through a series of roadshows in several towns throughout the Avon region.

The Roadshows will also provide information on:

• Gordon Reid Foundation for Conservation - offers around $1 million each year for conservation projects in WA.
• Landcare Australia Limited Corporate Sponsorship
• Calendar of Grants and Incentives – provides information about funding grants currently available, to individuals and groups caring for land, water and biodiversity.

The Roadshows will be held at the following locations and a sausage sizzle and light refreshments will be provided:

Merredin: 5th August - 10:00am - Dept of Ag
Brookton: 11th August - 9:00am - Lesser Hall
Quairading: 11th August - 1:30pm - Community Building
Dowerin: 12th August - 9:00am - Lesser Hall
Northam: 12th August -1:30pm – Lesser Hall

So come along have a snagger and find how YOU can earn up to $ 50, 000 to save your community some water and improve the environment
Further Info and RSVPs (essential for catering): Please contact

Anne Smith: Greening Australia (WA) 9621 2400
Cathy Lyons: Avon Catchment Council 9690 2250

Unfortunately ‘Rudy raindrop’ will not be available