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In the Avon Wheatbelt region, there are both historic and everyday connections between the Noongar Aboriginal community and the surrounding landscape. Until the 1970s, the WA Government retained reserve lands for Aboriginal people in the region. More recently, the Department of Indigenous Affairs, Indigenous Land Council and Aboriginal Lands Trust have bought back some of this land. It is important for the local Aboriginal people to take ownership of these properties and create opportunities for long-term management and income. Natural resource management and the commercial opportunities it offers can create an important connection to Country plus possible income source.  

Bush tucker and bush medicine are important to the Noongar people and are increasingly wanted by the wider community. This project will run trials and demonstrations using native south-west WA plants as bush tucker crops. The project will work with Aboriginal land managers in the Avon Wheatbelt to develop businesses and sellable products based on growing bush tucker.

If you are interested in trying bush tucker as a crop on your site, contact the Aboriginal NRM Team on 08 9670 3100.


  • Establish trials growing bush tucker food plants as commercial crops on Aboriginal-managed lands
  • Run workshops and field days showing bush tucker crops grown in the Wheatbelt
  • Develop case studies and articles to promote bush tucker as a commercial crop
  • Include bush tucker plant species in the Wheatbelt NRM Seedling Selector App
This project works with Aboriginal land managers to trial and demonstrate bush tucker plants as a commercial crop in the Wheatbelt.
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Wheatbelt NRM

Jamie Valentine

Corporate Services Manager

Telephone: 08 9670 3136