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Wheatbelt Farmers Innovators in Regenerative Agriculture

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Sustainable Agriculture

<p>Wheatbelt farmers were in the spotlight last week at the inaugural Regenerative Agriculture Conference held in Perth.</p><p>Wheatbelt farmers including the Haggerty family in Wyalkatchem, the Kelly family in Newdegate and the McAlpine’s in Dalwallinu are recognised internationally as leaders in this field.</p><p>Regenerative agriculture is a holistic approach to farming that uses practices and systems that build soil health and increase biological activity seeking to restore landscape function and deliver an improved natural resource.</p><p>It is shown to reduce input costs and improve productivity and deliver economic benefits.</p><p>Organised by Regen WA the conference key note speaker Charles Massey set the tone early with the premise “If industrial Agriculture is a major cause of natural capital decline, then regenerative agriculture is a key solution.”</p><p>Massey spearheaded an impressive line-up of speakers from across Australia who came together to explore regenerative Ag as an investment that needs to be made if our nation is to meet the needs of expanding demand for food, decreasing resources and a rapidly changing climate.</p><p>Regen WA is an industry group aimed at farmers interested in regenerative agriculture practice, it is supported by the State NRM Program and Perth NRM.&nbsp; Membership is free.&nbsp;</p><p><a href=" to our e-newsletter and keep up to date on current events, partnership opportunities and NRM in the Wheatbelt.