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Important Announcement: Talkin’ Soil Health Postponed

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Sustainable Industries

We have made the very difficult decision to postpone the much anticipated Talkin’ Soil Health conference, scheduled for 17 and 18 March 2022.

The changes to Western Australia travel restrictions and the challenges posed by the Omicron development prompted us to review the viability of this year’s event.

In making this decision, we explored a range of options including the possibility of a fully online event. However, the beauty of Talkin’ Soil Health is its ability to be more than a conference. It’s an opportunity for soil health enthusiasts to network, socialise and share knowledge.

While we could still conduct the conference in some format, it would be in a highly compromised environment. We have also taken into account the contagious nature of the Omicron variant and our decision supports the ongoing wellbeing of our staff, conference participants and the regional communities where they live.

There is good news, however. The team have been able to act with agility to prepare two exciting events that can be executed with reduced numbers or in an online environment if required.

While we are saddened by the postponement of 2022’s Talkin Soil Health, we are delighted to announce that we are finalising the details for two very exciting events. Lock away Thursday 31 March 2022 for a full day soil health gathering.

Stay in touch and hear about these events first by joining the Talkin’ Soil Health online community here.

This conference is supported by funding the Foundation for Rural Regional Renewal and the Government of Western Australia Natural Resource Management Program.

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