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Hollands Farm takes regenerative agriculture mainstream

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Sustainable Agriculture

A recent article in the Farm Weekly detailing Newdegate farmer Nick Kelly’s experience in revolutionising his farming strategy is showcasing the benefits of regenerative agriculture to the mainstream agricultural industry.

Regenerative agriculture is a new term and is often difficult to define. To some, it is seen as ‘alternative’ and a niche approach rather than a viable approach to tackling major issues with our soil health.

Nick Kelly is an early adopter of a range of regenerative practices and is a long term collaborator with Wheatbelt NRM. Currently, he is one of our farmers demonstrating how to maximise ground cover to reduce the summer feed gap and improve soil health.

  • Nick Kelly and his family’s Hollands Track Farm in Newdegate looks very different to what it did just 5 years ago
  • Dead dusty summer paddocks are now green throughout the year, even in the driest of seasons
  • Perhaps even more transformational, the Kelly’s have been free of chemical fertiliser since 2014 and stopped all other chemical inputs such as herbicide, past and fungicides a year ago
  • Chemical fertilisers have been replaced with combinations of compost extract, fish, kelp and humates.  Cost is now $2 per hectare on fertiliser where previously it was $80
  • Committed to a diverse mix of cover and cash crops.  Cover crops have up to nine species including barley, oats, wheat and rye
  • While the focus is on cropping, a partnership is integrating cattle that are constantly moved using electric fencing and are keen to expand partnerships into other livestock including sheep, pigs and chickens
  • The financial model takes the focus away from crop yields and focuses on a diverse mix premium-priced products with each component also contributing to the health of the production system
  • Hollands Track Farm is a demonstration farm for Wheatbelt NRM’s Optimising Fodder Options in Mixed Farming Systems Project
  • Please contact Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator Jacquie Lucas on 0427 934 112 or for more information

Read the Farm Weekly article -

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