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PhD Survey Needs Hands-On Ecosystem Restoration Practitioners

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"How Can Mechanisation & Automation Bring Benefit to the Field of Ecosystem Restoration?"

Hannah Demerise is conducting a PhD research project which is jointly undertaken with The University of Western Australia and Kings Park Science. As part of her project, she is looking for a range of views on how mechanisation and automation can benefit ecosystem restoration. She is inviting anyone in the hands-on ecosystem restoration space to participate in a 20 minute survey, comprising of nine questions.

What Is The Purpose Of The Survey?

The purpose of this survey is to identify opportunities for automation within the field of ecosystem restoration, ultimately serving as a road map to guide further technology advancements. One of the main barriers to technology development and implementation is the lack of communication between technology users and technology developers. This survey seeks to bridge the communication gap.

Calling All Restoration Practitioners!

As a restoration practitioner, your thoughts and experiences are critical in determining the future of technology in the field of ecosystem restoration.

Your responses will be used to characterise the current challenges at each step in the restoration process, with a particular focus on scenarios that involve manual labour, repetitive work, risky work, and bottlenecks. These scenarios are generally the best candidates for automation. It will then be possible to identify technologies that might remediate current restoration challenges.

Your data will be treated in the strictest confidence in compliance with the Australian Privacy Act and will not be analysed in isolation. The survey is voluntary, and you may withdraw at any time. Once research is complete, the data and findings will be made available to all participants on request.

Approval to conduct this research has been provided by the University of Western Australia, in accordance with its ethics review and approval procedures. Take the survey here.

For more information please contact:

Hannah Demerise, PhD Candidate, School of Engineering & School of Biological Sciences

The University of Western Australia

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