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New Policy An Opportunity For Action In The Wheatbelt

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Community Engagement

The Regional NRM Strategy for the Avon River Basin sets a threshold of 30% vegetation cover as the point below which the environment is fundamentally altered. Some areas of the Wheatbelt sit at just 6% remaining native vegetation.

With this being the biggest challenge in protecting the unique Wheatbelt flora and fauna we welcome the WA Government’s recent announcement to proceed with the “Native vegetation policy”. The WA Government is calling for review and feedback on the “Consultation Draft: Native vegetation policy for Western Australia”.

Have a say in the future of Wheatbelt native vegetation

We are currently reviewing the draft and will be making a submission as part of the public consultation process. We are keen to hear from the Wheatbelt community on your feedback relating to this policy.

How to have your say

If you would like us to include a particular point within our submission, simply send us your feedback via email.

  • Email with the points that you would like considered within our submission.
  • Use “Native Veg Policy Review” as the subject line.
  • Get in touch before Friday, 15 October 2021.

Priorities and opportunities for the Wheatbelt include:

1.6          Address ongoing loss of native vegetation in the Wheatbelt through whole-of-government approaches, including (see also Action 3.4):

  • Prepare a whole-of-government strategy for a nett improvement in Wheatbelt native vegetation extent – through coordination of restoration (including offsets); reserve and roadside management; and regulation. Includes defining the policy-making pathway(s), spatial boundaries and stakeholder engagement approach.
  • Establish a whole-of-government approach to Wheatbelt restoration to coordinate offsets, carbon farming, natural resource management funding, regenerative agriculture and other funding streams with conservation investment. 
  • Develop and implement a strategic, coordinated, a whole-of-government approach to managing roadside vegetation (including for road safety and strategic transport planning).

This is a unique opportunity for the Wheatbelt community to shape policy regarding our native vegetation. Make sure you have your say. 

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