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Livestock Farmers Sought For Dung Beetle PhD Research

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Are you a Wheatbelt cattle or sheep farmer interested in contributing to PhD research? Students from UWA’s School of Agriculture and Environment are currently researching the economic value of dung beetle to Australia and are looking for participants for one-on-one interviews.

What is the project about?

In the 1960s Australia imported dung beetles, and since then, several releases of exotic dung beetles have occurred across the country. Participants’ views will feed into a broader study, which will assess the economic value of dung beetles to Australia, with the aim of understanding the main effects of dung beetles on livestock farms. The study will also assess the factors affecting adoption of agriculture technologies among landholders, and assist with future decision-making on agricultural practices and technologies.

What is involved?

PhD student, Marcela Del Carmen Vieira and her research team will conduct one-on-one interviews on agricultural technologies and farm management practices, your understanding of dung beetles, their benefits, and value in the context of livestock producers in Australia. The interviews are approximately 20 to 30 minutes and participation is entirely voluntary. Contributors will also receive a small reimbursement gift to thank them for their time.

Want to get involved?

Anyone interested in participating in this study can get involved by contacting Marcel Del Carmen Vieira at

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