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Digital Platforms Get An Exciting Re-Boot

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Have you ever explored all the online resources that are offer on our website?

There are some excellent tools to help with your on-ground natural resource projects and two of them have recently had an upgrade to make them more accessible and more user-friendly. The Carbon Planning Tool and Knowledge Hub are now more intuitive and easier to navigate.

Carbon Planning Tool

The Carbon Planning Tool has been specially designed to help landholders in carbon planting on their properties. It assesses the proposed Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) sequestration projects against mapping undertaken across the region.

The tool takes into consideration, the natural resource management benefits from carbon tree planting projects and the benefits that can be identified in line with the Regional Natural Resource Management Strategy for the Avon River Basin.

Knowledge Hub

The Knowledge Hub is the Wheatbelt’s largest online resource for regional natural resource management. It is a powerful platform that contains over 300 documents relating to the cultural, environmental, agricultural, educational and hydrological assets of the Avon River Basin.  

It is a handy resource for local governments, landholders, businesses, schools and the wider community. It contains both current and historical documents of natural resource management work that we have been involved with.

Improvements to this tool include a more sensitive search function, more relevant collections and an overall content update.

Both the Carbon Planning Tool and Knowledge Hub are free resources that are readily available on our websites.

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